All our services are designed with you in mind. We have spent years and years studying and gathering invaluable experience just so that you can benefit.

Our accounting advisors are specialists at providing expert personalised accounting, tax & business advisory services to the SMME market space.

Whether it's a more mundane monthly chore like processing your accounts or a highly complex rolling budget model we can do it all for you. 

Being specialists in business accounting, our varied experience with multiple clients across a multitude of different industries help us help you with problem solving or strategy guidance and evaluation, so MAKE THAT CALL .

So, whether your business is a sole trader, a partnership or a Limited company, call us now to discuss how you can benefit from all our experience.



We do it all, from capturing your day to day income and expenditure to the production of monthly management accounts and annual financial statements.

Whatever you need we can help. And, being professional accounting consultants, if you want us just to oversee your accounting processes and staff we can do that too. We're as flexible as you need us to be - except when it comes to your accounts!

That's where there is no flexibility - we report the numbers just as they are to keep us all on the right side of the law.


One of the biggest risks businesses face is getting their taxes wrong. Whether its Income Tax, VAT or Payroll taxes, the power conferred on the revenue collection authorities is great and they can close you down without much warning. Our Tax advice specialists can ensure you don’t have those conflicts with HMRC.


As fully qualifed tax advisors, we can help with completing and filing all of your returns or just carrying out regular checks into your tax affairs to make sure that everything is up to date and correct. At the same time there is no obligation on you to pay more than the law requires so we can also help you ensure that you don't pay more than you have to. 


Entrepreneurs have a weakness that can cost them a LOT of money - they generally don't do corporate governance well.

They are leaders because of who they are and often feel they don't need help or, more probably, that they shouldn’t be SEEN to be needing help! Their strength, independence, determination and pride in what they do and who they are, can easily become their weakness.

Entrepreneur's in the SME space don't have the luxury of multi-disciplinary teams in their environment. And where there ARE alternate disciplines those people understand that the entrepreneur is the boss and will seldom challenge his thinking. That's why, if you are an entrepreneur, you need us. 

We are independent, have experience in multiple disciplines and thrive most when working with people like you.  We love innovation, exploring and driving new ideas and supporting our clients when they need it the most (through the hiccups and road blocks that are inevitable on their journey).  
As the entrepreneur you should have an entrepneurial coach - a person who you can bounce ideas off and who will challenge your thinking where necessary, support you when it's good and guide you if your idea needs a bit of refining.


Many consultants are grossly overrated. They cost a fortune and don't add much value. Yet, a great consultant is worth his (or her) weight in gold.  A great consultant is able to quickly analyse a situation, identify the problem, research and interrogate likely solutions and present those in a manner that creates buy-in from the people that need to implement the solution. Being a great consultant takes time and experience across multiple disciplines and in multiple industries. 

We are GREAT consultants able to help you with strategy, visioning, corporate governance, internal investigations, financial modelling and process interrogations. We provide sound practical advice and help see the implementation of our advice through to completion.